Zoo to You Programs


Go WILD For Your Next Lesson, Party, or Event!

Our Zoo to You programs bring our interactive, educational mission to your location. Get up close, and hands on, while learning about our educational ambassador species. Our Formal programs are the ideal for seated audiences, while our Meet & Greets and Touch & See Displays are perfect for large events and rotating crowds!

Zoo to You programs are appropriate for all ages and needs!

Zoo to You: Formal Programs

Our formal programs are designed for seated audiences; from a birthday party of a few guests to an auditorium of 500! Ideal for an interactive classroom environment!

Formal Programs are 45-60 minutes in length, and depending on your program choice, offer 6 – 12 different species for your audience enjoyment!
*Listed Rates are for groups and classrooms of 30 or Less individuals; Submit your reservation request for larger group/event quotes.
*Travel will be quoted in our response: .75/mile + $18/hr/handler Round Trip

Fur & Feathers


8 Species

This program is designed to abide by NYS regulations regarding reptiles in day care centers, and to provide a program option with the absence of our cold blooded counterparts!

Lesson Points:  Mammals/Warm Blooded Species, Adaptations, Defenses, Anatomy

Ambassadors:  Small Mammals, Baby Exotic Mammals, Parrot(s), Barn Yard Fowl



10 Species

The best of both worlds!

This program option is mix of warm and cold-blooded species; satisfying the curiosities of all guests!

Lesson Points: Cold vs Warm Blooded, Adaptations, Habitats, Defenses, Anatomy

Ambassadors: Arachnids, Amphibians, Reptiles, Mammals



8 Species

All things creepy, crawly, and fun!
Program is a representation of many different cold blooded animal families, also amphibians and arachnids! No allergies here – we leave the feathers and fur at the park!

Lesson Points: Cold Blooded Adaptations, Defenses, Anatomy, Native Habitats

Ambassadors: Arachnids, Amphibians, Reptiles ( Lizards, Snakes, Tortoises, & more)



5-6 Species

The ultimate exotic animal experience!

Meet our most unique animal ambassadors; sloth, armadillos, alligators, and more!

Program is a mix of our most popular and exotic mammal, reptile, and bird species.

Lesson Points: Anatomy, Adaptations, Habitats, Conservation

Ambassadors: Sloth, Armadillo, Crocodilians, Parrot, Baby Exotics, and more!

Zoo to You: Informal Programs

Informal Zoo to You options are the hit of large gatherings, festivals, holiday, and corporate events!

“Wow” your eventgoers with one of our two options, bringing the sense of adventure to your next event! From 50 – 5,000; our team is equipped and prepared to promote a fun, interactive, educational environment with safety in mind! Informal Programs are a mix of mammals, reptiles, and birds!
*Listed Rates are a base price; your reservation request will ask for event info that will generate your program quote.
*Travel will be quoted in our response: .75/mile + $15/hr/handler Round Trip

Animal Meet & Greet

Our animal Meet & Greets allow you to select one handler or two for your event! Your handler(s) will rotate species, one at a time, entertaining your guests for the length of their stay. Guests will be invited to get up close and hands on with the animal ambassadors, creating a memorable experience!

1 Handler, 6-8 Species:
60 min – 200.00
90 min – 250.00
120 min – 300.00

2 Handlers, 8-10 Species:
60 min – 250.00
90 min – 300.00
120 min – 350.00

Touch & See Tables

Entertain and educate a lot of guests at once!
The Touch & See Tables are a mix of displays and open-air touch bins, allowing guests to get up close and hands on! In addition to the displays and touch bins, our two handlers will each feature an animal ambassador while overseeing the tables.

By far, our most popular program option for large scale events!

12-15 Species

60 min – 250.00
90 min – 325.00
120 min – 425.00
180 min – 550.00

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