Sloth Encounter Availability

Availability is updated as encounters are booked, in the order received.
Be certain to list (2) Dates & Times of choice in the “Notes” section when completing your online purchase.
Our team will contact you, via email, with your booking confirmation!

2020 Winter/Spring – Saturdays & Sundays Only
*Park is not accessible for visit before or after encounters in off-season
1st:  xxx sold out
2nd: 1:30
8th:  xxx sold out
9th:  12:30 1:30
15th:  xxx sold out
16th:  1:30
22nd: xxx sold out
23rd:  1:30
29th:  xxx sold out
1st:  12:30 1:30
7th:  xxx sold out
8th:  1:30
14th:  xxx sold out
15th:  12:30 1:30
21st:  1:30
22nd:  12:30 1:30
28th:  xxx sold out
29th:  1:30

***SPECIAL NOTE: The park is closed to the public until May 1, 2019
Encounter guests in January – April will not have general park access