Facebook Sponsorship Group 4/1/20 – 6/30/20


Sponsorship Access Valid 14/1 – 6/30/20
How Do I Join? *Read entire page prior to purchase*

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This exclusive Facebook Group is for Sponsors of Animal Adventure Park!

You may join at any time but all memberships for this period end on the above noted date. Prior content is available for those joining at any time, and will remain available until 6/30/2020.

Weekly LIVE video Q&A sessions with Jordan!
Tuesdays 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Eastern

Surprise LIVE video updates from the park!

Media Announcements!

Exclusive photo content not available elsewhere!

New merchandise announcements!

The New Source For All Things Animal Adventure Park!
This is our effort to keep supporters & fans informed and full of awesome content – that followers of our main FB business page may not want to see as often!

Please respect the policy and rule below.
** Any photos, videos, announcements, or content removed (or discussed) from this group and cross post or shared (or discussed) will be grounds for immediate removal from the group, and other social media outlets controlled by the park.

How to Join:

1. Purchase your subscription at: Online Store

2. Once purchased, remember your order receipt # and request to join the group on Facebook with this link:  SPONSOR GROUP
** You will be asked (3) questions:  Web Store Receipt # , Agreement to the terms (yes or no) , Agreement to rules (yes or no)

3.  Wait for notification of your admittance into the group!  You can also check if you are in the group by revisiting the link provided above in step 2.

*** International Members – send your $30 payment via Friends & Family in PayPal to  [email protected]  ***
*** Use your PAYPAL transaction # in place of Receipt # for Question 1 when requesting to join ***
** Domestic orders will not be accepted in this form and returned to purchasers **

Please allow 24-36 hours for processing your request to join!