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Thank you for joining us on our Adventure!

Animal Adventure is a dream come true, located on a 20 acre farm that has been refurbished into an interactive, educational animal park, nestled in the hillsĀ of Harpursville, NY, just 15 minutes outside of Binghamton.

Our goal is to communicate an appreciation for living things through the use of the human senses; allowing our guests to get up close and hands on with our animal ambassadors. The unique experiences of feeding a camel, standing over a family of capybara swimming in their pond, or conversing with Foster the Blue & Gold Macaw on his outdoor open-air perches, will engage and educate people of all ages.

Through understanding and appreciation, education can flourish!

Many local families, schools, and organizations have invited us to share this message with their students, residents, and guests. Our hands on educational shows leave a lasting impression! Click Here To Learn More!

We Care!

USDA-LogoWe are Federally licensed by the USDA; ensuring that our animals, their care, and facilities meet the same standards of zoos and aquariums in the US.